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How far will we travel for wine?

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that commented on my last post. Your kind words meant the world to me.

Every week just seems to get away from me. I think I’m going to post something from the weekend and the next thing I know it’s Wednesday night (and Thursday by the time I post this). Oops!! Anyway, on Sunday I went with some friends to a winery, called Potomac Point, for a tour and tasting. Despite the fact that we were over an hour late, (stupid traffic on stupid I-95!!!), we had a great time! We had coupons for half off of the tour, but even this poor little grad student probably would’ve paid full price for the tour. The owner of the winery gave us the tour, which I thought was really impressive. I’m sure he had much better things to be doing.

The "Library" at the winery

Checking the wine color

He was so knowledgeable though! He taught us all about looking at the colors of each wine carefully. Also, if you take just a small sip of the wine first, it basically prepares your mouth for tasting that wine. My favorite thing he taught us was to suck in some air through our teeth as we were tasting the wine. It makes the flavor much stronger. It really blew my mind how much it changed the flavor of the wine. He also talked to us a lot about wine pairings, which considering most of us hadn’t eaten lunch yet was making us really hungry. This guy really knew his stuff. Plus, Mike pointed out that he looked like an older, moustached Will Forte. Bonus!!

We tried at least 8 or 9 wines and even tried  half-fermented wine. It tasted like carbonated juice. It was pretty good! Afterward, we all headed out to the patio to share a few bottles and get some lunch. A few of us got this amazing chicken salad sandwich that had curry and mango chutney. Yum!! The weather was beautiful (finally) and we had a great time sitting outside for a few hours eating, drinking, and laughing. I am definitely ready for more Fall days like this!

awesome ceiling fan I want for my house when I grow up!


Enjoying some lunch on the patio



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