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Who Am I?

For the record, I started writing this post on Thursday. Thursday. Sigh.

I was more productive Wednesday than I have been in a loooong time. Although not all of it had to do with school…in fact most of it didn’t. Most of the week I’ve been working on a paper that was due yesterday and I’ve been up pretty late every night. Now usually I go into the museum Wednesday mornings for my internship, but the internship gods (my supervisor) emailed me Tuesday night and said something came up and not to come in this week, just work from home. Best. News. Ever. I got to sneak in a few hours of sleep yesterday morning that I normally wouldn’t have and it made all the difference.

For as much as I’ve complained about the papers in my American Studies class, the class itself is super interesting. My professor is just full of random facts and finds really cool ways and different ways to look at objects. Plus, I don’t feel the pressure to participate in class like I did this summer. That was the worst. Kind of loving classes this semester even if I am busy and stressed all the time. I enjoy the content. I guess that makes it worth it, right?

Anyway, I came home from class feeling very much relieved. My paper was turned in and I could relax for a bit. Would I catch up on sleep? Nah. I decided to bake the pumpkin bread I’d been dreaming of (and whose ingredients I had been staring at) for the past week. I attempted another bread a few weeks ago and it was a massive failure. Luckily this one turned out perfectly! I got the recipe from this site and added pumpkin seeds to the top! Here are a few pictures:


Ready for the oven! Kidding!



Essential spices. Mmm smells like Fall!



Yummy pumpkin seeds



Blurry delicious end product

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how blurry my bread pictures were until I uploaded them, and by then the bread was mostly gone. Oh well, hopefully you get the idea.


So after I finished baking the bread I actually wanted to go running. Who am I seriously? I hadn’t run in months, but it was gorgeous outside and I figured I should take advantage of it. The only disappointment was my Nike+ sportsband seems to be broken, so I couldn’t calculate my run like I wanted to. I also had never run since moving into our new place. I decided to run to Mike’s apartment to see if I could. The distance really isn’t that much. I don’t know how much really, maybe a mile and a half, but parts of it are very hilly and I am definitely not used to running on hills. I was really pushing myself towards the end, but I made it! And then I made Mike drive me home haha. Now that the weather is cooler I’m hoping to make time to run more often. I’m really pissed that my sportsband broke though. 😦 I’m hoping I can get some answers from Nike.

So, paper, class, baking, run, came home for some dinner, and then we decided to watch a movie. I passed out about 15 minutes into it. I must’ve worn myself out! I felt pretty accomplished with my day though, but I probably should’ve done a bit more school work. That’s what today is for though!

What’s your favorite fall food? If you’re a runner, what are some of your favorite songs to listen to while you run?



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Sleepy Panda

Today I really miss college when I didn’t have a full-time job to deal with too. Even after college I used to be able to stay up late and it didn’t faze me. I think I’m realizing that I’m not the Energizer Bunny I once used to be…


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Times, they are a changin’

Oh my, I have got to get better about blogging regularly. Otherwise, I end up with 5 or 6 things I want to talk about at once. I’ll catch up eventually though. I don’t really have an excuse, I’ve been pretty lazy and kind of in a funk and I’m not sure why, but I’m working on getting out of it. I think a big part of it is this ridiculous heat! I’m really anxious for Fall to start, it always seems to put me in a good mood, so hopefully that will help lift my spirits for good. Admittedly it’s been a very rough summer, so to be where I am now, I feel like that’s pretty good. In general I’m usually a pretty happy person though and I haven’t always been feeling that way lately and when it starts affecting people around me, I know I need to change things.

Matt, me, and Jess

Last weekend, we had friends in town from Colorado. My best friend Jess and my old roommate (and her boyfriend), Matt. I loved having them in town, but in a way it helped fuel my funk (not that I regret them being here for a second!). I arranged for a big group of our friends to meet up Saturday night to hang out while they were visiting and it reminded me so much of the parties at our old house on Oak Street. What memories! I was talking to someone there who asked me if I was sad seeing everyone together again, and I said no, I was really happy to see people and catch up, but afterward I realized that it did make me sad. It took our two friends visiting from Colorado for me to see some of these people who live only 15 or 20 minutes away. I’m sad for friends that aren’t as close as they used to be and how much things have changed over the past year or two. It’s been 4 years since college and things are bound to change I know. People are getting married, having kids, moving; I just miss that tight-knit community that we had.

(I’m realizing this post is going nowhere near where I had intended. I guess I just got really reminiscent. Oops!)

It really was a fun night, I had so much fun catching up with people I hadn’t seen in a while. I loved getting to spend time with Matt and Jess, I hadn’t seen Matt since I was out in Colorado last August, so it was fantastic seeing him and his crazy face again 🙂 I even got to spend an extra day with Jess since she couldn’t get a flight out of Baltimore on Sunday as planned. So as sappy as I got later in the week, it really was an amazing weekend with amazing friends!

To get out of this funk, I think I just need to get out and be more active, but please, Mother Nature, just chill out a bit, because you’re not making me want to go outside. The sooner Fall gets here (and Halloween), the happier I’ll be, not to mention, it’ll be my last semester of grad school! Hooray!!

I’m not sure what I was setting out to accomplish with this post. I guess, first, friends who I don’t see often: let’s change that. I miss you. Let’s grab some dinner, some coffee, go to a museum, anything. Second, this is me saying I vow to be more motivated to not just sit around and do nothing (that should be easier now that I’m done watching Veronica Mars!). I want to get out and be more active, go exploring, exercise, cook…blog! Wish me luck!

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