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Historical people say the darndest things

I just read something in Manhunt (yes, I’m still reading it!) that gave me the giggles. The author was talking about how it became illegal for anyone to talk badly about Lincoln after he was assassinated. He provided a letter that a U.S. Marine wrote home to his mother discussing what he would do to Booth if he saw him, and I quote:

“I would take a pair of shears and cut him in pieces as you would cut a piece of cloth. Then I would dig out his eyes and then pour in boiling hot oil. I’d fix him well…mother give my love to all the folks and believe me your affectionate son. Wesley Severs”

Holy graphic description Batman! Boiling hot oil in the eye sockets. Nice! Quickly followed by, ” Love you Mommy!” WHAT?? Oh and is it just me, or does it seem weird to do that after cutting him into a million pieces? …maybe I’m over-analyzing this.

Well, tonight I’m continuing to pack up the apartment…while catching up on some tv, duh. I’m working tomorrow, making some extra money is never ever bad. Then I’m off to Harrisonburg for the rest of the weekend and I might even have a new history adventure to blog about! Excite!!



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The Path of the Panda

Ok, two post in one day…this is unprecedented. I’ve been sitting here for the past few hours working on my final project for the semester and I keep glancing over at this super cute bookmark that Mike bought me awhile ago:

Whenever I see that bug-eyed bear staring at me, I’m reminding of how I haven’t used my bookmark yet. I’m also reminded of how I’ll finally be able to in just a few short days. Once this project is turned in next week, I’ll finally have time for some fun reading, although I’ll still be doing some work for my internship… I thoroughly intend on finishing Manhunt (it’s so good!). It’ll only be the third semester I’ve been reading it, guh. Is grad school over yet?

Anyway, my little panda friend reminds me that the end is near and I might at least have a week or two of sweet, sweet freedom!

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