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Who Am I?

For the record, I started writing this post on Thursday. Thursday. Sigh.

I was more productive Wednesday than I have been in a loooong time. Although not all of it had to do with school…in fact most of it didn’t. Most of the week I’ve been working on a paper that was due yesterday and I’ve been up pretty late every night. Now usually I go into the museum Wednesday mornings for my internship, but the internship gods (my supervisor) emailed me Tuesday night and said something came up and not to come in this week, just work from home. Best. News. Ever. I got to sneak in a few hours of sleep yesterday morning that I normally wouldn’t have and it made all the difference.

For as much as I’ve complained about the papers in my American Studies class, the class itself is super interesting. My professor is just full of random facts and finds really cool ways and different ways to look at objects. Plus, I don’t feel the pressure to participate in class like I did this summer. That was the worst. Kind of loving classes this semester even if I am busy and stressed all the time. I enjoy the content. I guess that makes it worth it, right?

Anyway, I came home from class feeling very much relieved. My paper was turned in and I could relax for a bit. Would I catch up on sleep? Nah. I decided to bake the pumpkin bread I’d been dreaming of (and whose ingredients I had been staring at) for the past week. I attempted another bread a few weeks ago and it was a massive failure. Luckily this one turned out perfectly! I got the recipe from this site and added pumpkin seeds to the top! Here are a few pictures:


Ready for the oven! Kidding!



Essential spices. Mmm smells like Fall!



Yummy pumpkin seeds



Blurry delicious end product

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how blurry my bread pictures were until I uploaded them, and by then the bread was mostly gone. Oh well, hopefully you get the idea.


So after I finished baking the bread I actually wanted to go running. Who am I seriously? I hadn’t run in months, but it was gorgeous outside and I figured I should take advantage of it. The only disappointment was my Nike+ sportsband seems to be broken, so I couldn’t calculate my run like I wanted to. I also had never run since moving into our new place. I decided to run to Mike’s apartment to see if I could. The distance really isn’t that much. I don’t know how much really, maybe a mile and a half, but parts of it are very hilly and I am definitely not used to running on hills. I was really pushing myself towards the end, but I made it! And then I made Mike drive me home haha. Now that the weather is cooler I’m hoping to make time to run more often. I’m really pissed that my sportsband broke though. 😦 I’m hoping I can get some answers from Nike.

So, paper, class, baking, run, came home for some dinner, and then we decided to watch a movie. I passed out about 15 minutes into it. I must’ve worn myself out! I felt pretty accomplished with my day though, but I probably should’ve done a bit more school work. That’s what today is for though!

What’s your favorite fall food? If you’re a runner, what are some of your favorite songs to listen to while you run?



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September Showers Bring…Fall?

Happy October everyone!! Finally, my favorite month is here! It has rained all most all week here. Ugh. I really don’t mind the rain that much. I do mind walking to work in it though. That’s not so fun. I’m looking outside now though and it is sunny and we finally have Fall temperatures. My October is jam-packed this year; between school and social events, I know it’s going to fly by (which means Halloween will be here any day right??).

Some things to look forward to in October:


1. JMU Homecoming!! Last year was less than thrilling. Evan and I went down to Harrisonburg and sat in the rain watching a miserable football game. We ended up being the last two people sitting in our section. I have high hopes for this year though!


2. Road trip!! No I’m not going to Edmonton, I just thought this cartoon was cute. Mike and I are headed out to The Magnolia State (Mississippi) later this month. Random, no? One of my best friends, Alpa is getting married next summer, hooray!! Her engagement party is out in Mississippi where her fiancé lives. Timeout. I just took the time to open a word document and add in the accent mark (it’s probably called something else, whatever, I never took French) and Firefox is mad, red squiggly mad. Booooo. Ok, time in! We decided to save some money and drive out to Mississippi instead of flying and make an adventure out of it! It’s going to be a pretty quick trip, but we picked out a few places to stop each way (we’re taking different routes coming and going). I don’t want to tell you everywhere we’re going, but I’ll give you a hint about one:


Sorry that picture is so gigantic, but what is going on with his face?? By the way, I just looked at Elvis pictures for a solid half hour. Too fun. I will definitely be blogging about that trip though, so I want to leave some mystery. I can’t wait to see some parts of the country that I’ve never driven through and to celebrate Alpa and Nirav’s engagement!! SO happy for you two!


3. Everything Halloween! I’m trying to find a few Halloween related things to go to. I’m sure a group of us will go to Markoff’s Haunted Forest again. Then there’s always trying to squeeze in a few good scary movies and AYAOTD with the roomie. Plus my good friend, Gretch, is throwing a Halloween party this year which should be tons of fun. Guess I better figure out my costume.


4. Candy corn, pumpkin picking, apple picking, apple cider drinking, wine tasting, baking lots of fall goodies. I could go on and on.

So, you know, if anyone wants to come write a few papers, or read a few books, or study for comps for me…I wouldn’t complain!!

Happy October everyone!!


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How far will we travel for wine?

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that commented on my last post. Your kind words meant the world to me.

Every week just seems to get away from me. I think I’m going to post something from the weekend and the next thing I know it’s Wednesday night (and Thursday by the time I post this). Oops!! Anyway, on Sunday I went with some friends to a winery, called Potomac Point, for a tour and tasting. Despite the fact that we were over an hour late, (stupid traffic on stupid I-95!!!), we had a great time! We had coupons for half off of the tour, but even this poor little grad student probably would’ve paid full price for the tour. The owner of the winery gave us the tour, which I thought was really impressive. I’m sure he had much better things to be doing.

The "Library" at the winery

Checking the wine color

He was so knowledgeable though! He taught us all about looking at the colors of each wine carefully. Also, if you take just a small sip of the wine first, it basically prepares your mouth for tasting that wine. My favorite thing he taught us was to suck in some air through our teeth as we were tasting the wine. It makes the flavor much stronger. It really blew my mind how much it changed the flavor of the wine. He also talked to us a lot about wine pairings, which considering most of us hadn’t eaten lunch yet was making us really hungry. This guy really knew his stuff. Plus, Mike pointed out that he looked like an older, moustached Will Forte. Bonus!!

We tried at least 8 or 9 wines and even tried  half-fermented wine. It tasted like carbonated juice. It was pretty good! Afterward, we all headed out to the patio to share a few bottles and get some lunch. A few of us got this amazing chicken salad sandwich that had curry and mango chutney. Yum!! The weather was beautiful (finally) and we had a great time sitting outside for a few hours eating, drinking, and laughing. I am definitely ready for more Fall days like this!

awesome ceiling fan I want for my house when I grow up!


Enjoying some lunch on the patio


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