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Labor Day Cooldown

Well, Labor Day weekend came and went and it seems to have taken summer with it. We had perfect weather over the weekend which worked out really well for Mike’s parents’ visit on Sunday. We took them to Eastern Market, where sadly, I didn’t take any pictures. I was too busy looking at everything! I found a few things I liked, including a really cute apron, but ended up not buying anything. I did want to get some produce, but we were gonna go to museums after and I’m not sure the staff would have liked me lugging my peaches through the Library of Congress. Oh well.  The joke was on me though. Turns out the LoC is closed on Sundays. Boooo. Be open like every other museum in DC. We were bummed because I love the LoC and Mike had never been and I don’t think his parents had either. I guess we’ll just have to go back.

Instead we trekked down to the Botanical Gardens, which were open, thank you very much. We spent awhile strolling around the gardens and saw pretty much everything there was to see (except the butterflies). I got some pretty flower pictures too and Mike decided we needed to “do something manly” for dinner. I still say it was his idea to go to the Botanical Gardens though.

I’m not much of a flower person, but there were some pretty cool flowers and plants there.

I have more to post later, I’ve been so busy with classes starting last week (and all the Buffy I’ve been watching). Priorities. It’s gonna be a crazy few months though!


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Another muggy day in the district…

It’s humid as can be outside (as usual), and just when I’m about to get off work to go home and jump in the pool, the clouds roll in and spoil my plans. I swear I’m gonna get to the pool one of these days. Maybe I’ll start working on my new project instead (mwahaha) just kidding, not at all close to evil. It’s more domestic stuff…who knew, right Gretch?

As mad as the storm is making me, except not really because I love a good thunderstorm, this video just made my day, so I’ll leave you with it:

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