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I was really hoping to get started on my post about Sunday’s adventure, but instead I spent the night working on stuff for a meeting tomorrow about an internship tomorrow (I’ll be sure to update about that!) and working on some packing.

Here’s the current state of our living room:

I managed to pack up one of my bookcases tonight (the largest one), so that was an accomplishment at least. It seems like slow progress for sure though.

In other news, I gave two tours today at Sully. One was to a group of ESL students (English as a second language) and then a group of five older ladies. I feel like my tour is finally getting pretty good and I’m becoming more comfortable with it. It’s hard to believe I only have a few more weeks left there. I still have SO much work to do before I leave!

Mike and I had a very full day of history on Sunday so hopefully I’ll get that posted tomorrow because it was a lot of fun!


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A Change Would Do You Good

Maybe Sheryl Crow is right.  In about three weeks (yikes!) roommate Evan and I are packing up and moving down the road to Arlington…Clarendon to be exact. We’re pretty excited. Clarendon has much more to offer. Fun friends to hang out with (Hi Dave and Harry!) and we can actually walk to places from our apartment! I’m probably most excited that I can walk to the metro again. At our current place, we have to drive or take a shuttle to the metro and it’s mega inconvenient.

With the excitement, comes the panic of having to pack up all of my possessions in just three weeks time, and let me tell you,  I have a lot of them. While we’re upgrading on location, we’re essentially downgrading our apartment, it’s both older and smaller. I offered to take the smaller of the two rooms ($$cha-ching$$). We’ll see if this is a good idea or not. I figured it’s a good way to save a few bucks and it will give me a reason to get rid of some things I don’t really need.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a lot of crap. I’m a bit of a pack rat. Pack rats are pretty cute though…

I like to think I get it from my grandmother. I remember helping clean out her house when we were getting ready to move her up closer to us and finding old school papers from some 20 years earlier when she was teaching. We found old office and school supplies that my grandfather was selling that she kept for years. There were boxes and boxes of “junk” stored upstairs that we spent days sifting through. As much as I loved my grandmother, I don’t want to be that old lady with a ton of junk in my attic. So I think this is a good opportunity to go through everything and throw out the “junk” that has been sitting untouched in my closet for the past year or more.

I already took 5 bags of clothes to Goodwill last weekend, so I made a pretty good dent!

Are you guys pack rats? Or do you try to keep it simple?

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