Wise Old Panda

I’m really becoming an old lady recently. In the past week, I’ve started to spend my lunch break working on the crossword puzzle from the Express. For a long time I wouldn’t even let myself get the Express in the mornings because I knew I should be reading articles or books for school. Now I can do whatever I want on my metro ride – oh the  perks of having a Master’s (ha). Over the weekend, I also taught myself how to knit. I tried it once before, but didn’t go very far with it. It was one of those things that I always wish I knew how to do growing up, but the ladies in my family are not knitters, crocheters (is that a word?), or sewers (people that sew, not the poop tunnels, yes I just said poop tunnels). I watched a few videos to learn how to knit left-handed, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. I even have a knitting date tomorrow night with my friend Erin (who is also going to help me with my recipe for the week!)!  There are three things I wanted to learn when I finished school. Knitting is the first one I’m tackling. I don’t want to spill the beans on the other two just yet…

Do any of you knit or have family members that do?



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5 responses to “Wise Old Panda

  1. First of all, I LOVE the picture in this post! It actually reminds me of a project I found in a knitting book one time for (are you ready for this?) … a knitted SCREEN DOOR. I thought it was crazy at first but I kind of want to make it someday!

    I’m not a sewer (or a poop tunnel) but I do knit and crochet. I think crocheting is much easier, partly because you don’t carry as many stitches on your hook at one time and also because it works up a lot faster.

    My great aunt taught me how to knit and crochet and my parents’ neighbor also helped me out quite a bit. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy to want to to knit or crochet EVERYTHING! Don’t do this. You’ll end up making things like toilet paper roll covers and then you will be an old lady.

    Looking forward to dinner and knitting tomorrow night!

  2. Steve

    I doubt you can manage to not spill anything, including beans…

  3. I knit, I knit! I’m vaguely an old lady too!

  4. Kathy Page

    I don’t knit, but I can teach you to sew!

  5. Um, a few props please for being the one who tried to teach you how to knit the first time! You were doing pretty well back then, too… that 1/16th of a scarf you knit was looking faaaaaaaaaab. 🙂

    Well, as we all know, I am the cream of the crop when it comes to behaving like an old person. Knitting dog sweaters while staying in on a Saturday night and flipping back and forth between the Food Network and QVC… ahhhhhh, what a life. That being said, I *am* on that whole “trying to live up to the fact that I’m 22” thing, so if you ever feel like throwing back to the days of young, hit me up Pandacakes. 🙂

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