So this is what the plague feels like…

So, last week I wrote about how I was feeling sick and was spending my day laying in bed all day. Not much has changed in the past week, in fact, it’s only gotten worse since then. I have been crazy sick all week and it hasn’t improved too much, although I begrudgingly went back to work today (only because of my lack of sick days). Good news: I  did get approved for insurance. Bad news: my coverage won’t start until February. I just googled “plague” to find a picture for this post, and oh. my. gross. I’ll spare you the images. You’re welcome.


I don’t have much to report from the past week, except that I’ve almost finished rewatching Veronica Mars and it’s every bit as amazing as the first time I watched it. I did finish Lucky too. I really liked it, as much as you can like a book about a true-life account of a rape. I’ve been going back and forth between two books now. One is a biography on Thomas Jefferson and the other is about how objects are made to break down after a certain amount of time so we have to buy more. I can’t decide which I want to read first.

I never posted my recipe from last week. I made a pot of chili. I wanted a really simple chili to make. I had made my mom’s recipe once before, but it didn’t come out like I wanted it to. It tasted okay, but not like what I remembered. I found what looked like a pretty similar recipe. You can find it here. The consistency turned out much better than the last chili I made, although it probably could have been a little spicier, and I’m a spice wimp! I can’t wait until it starts to stay light outside later, so I can try to get some food photographs in the daylight. I did get to try out my new bamboo cutting board that my brother gave me for Christmas, I’m definitely a fan!

I need some pretty dishes to make. This week won’t be much better though. I bought the ingredients to make chicken noodle soup and if I can ever get the energy, I’ll actually cook it.

Do any of you have any book recommendations? Recipe suggestions? I’ve been battling with looking through my dad’s cookbooks (mostly of the southern cuisine variety) and trying to cook healthy meals. Those two often don’t go hand in hand. 🙂



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2 responses to “So this is what the plague feels like…

  1. Kathy Page

    I’ll send you your dad’s chicken ‘n’ dumplings recipe. Definitely very pretty, not unhealthy. Problem is you will have to cut it down a lot, or have a lot of clean jars and freezer space. He didn’t make a normal amount of anything. Made his green beans tonight, will send you that one, too. (I have to say, that one is very southern, so count your calories).

  2. Sorry you’re still sick! And Southern and healthy definitely don’t go hand in hand! Did your daddy cook his green beans with a piece of pork in it for flavor? Feel better!

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