Recipe #1 and Other Updates

Well, well, well…I say I’ll blog “more” and then don’t post anything all week. And I thought the running resolution was going to be the tough one (Touché Ben)… I’ve been pretty busy all week though and have done pretty well with all of my resolutions. I’m almost done with Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I need to decide what to read next. Fiction? Presidential biography? Any suggestions?

I also cooked my first recipe on Monday night. I decided to start with an easy one, mainly because my stepmom told me about something I was excited to make and because I still had half a lasagna or more to get through. I made a really simple chicken salad and it is the best chicken salad I’ve ever made. It has 5 simple ingredients.

  • Cooked chicken
  • Mayo (If you use Hellman’s it will be wayyy better, I promise!)
  • Celery
  • Salt
  • Pepper

I honestly didn’t measure anything. I cooked 3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts and shredded them. I used about a stalk and a half of celery, but pretty tiny. Then I added mayo until it was “chicken salad consistency” and salt and pepper to taste. It was just…delicious. I polished it off during lunch today and I was sad to see it go.

I took some pictures as I was cooking (although I didn’t remember until about halfway through). Want to know something? No matter how you photograph chicken and mayonnaise, it just does not look appetizing. I’ll spare you the visuals. Maybe next week I’ll cook something a little more photogenic.


I’ve run two miles this week. It’s been a rough start. The cold weather is crushing my already asthma-y lungs and I think my inhaler might be empty/expired. I’ve just been running around my neighborhood. I miss not having a trail nearby, but it’s pretty fun to run down random streets and check out the different houses in Clarendon. Not to mention the squirrel brains I ran by yesterday. Yum!


So that’s a few goals that are going pretty well so far. I am adding a new one today, something that I should do anyway, but I don’t. Even though I’m 6 days late starting it, I’m going to start taking vitamins every day. I really wanted to get Flintstone ones, but I decided to be an adult.

I also have  January goal that I didn’t mention before. I’m taking my lunch to work every day. I’m usually really bad about buying lunch at work and usually get up too late to get anything together. As cheap as the cafeteria is at the hospital where I usually get lunch, I know it will be cheaper and more fun if I bring my lunch. I’ve been good this week for the most part. I had lunch at Potbelly with a friend on Tuesday that I hadn’t seen in months and my bosses are taking me out to lunch tomorrow to celebrate completing my Master’s. Most weeks aren’t that eventful though, so next week should be full of brown-bagged lunches!

What a pictureless post! Blame the chicken salad. If you made it through all  of that text, thanks! Here’s a random picture to finish it out from my camera full of pictures from the past few months:

IMG_2487This was at a famous historical house I visited recently. I’ll try to recap that soon, but it might be a long long post.


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  1. Have you read Uncle Tom’s Cabin? I’m 3/4ths the way through and I like it a lot! Glad you’ve gotten a good start on your new year’s resolutions!

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