New favorite Christmas candy

Well after 4+ hours in the car, I finally made it to Richmond last night. I hate hate hate 95. I had a really fun day with my stepmom today though. We headed out to see the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, but decided to go to the Virginia Historical Society first. We spent so long in there that we never made it to VMFA, but I’m excited to come back and check it out. VHS had some neat exhibitions. We saw one on oddities in their collection (Jefferson Davis’ cigar and some cool trepanation instruments). I did a project in college that included trepanation (nerd). They also had a small room that showcased 5 notable Virginians. They had a portrait of each and then blew up certain sections of the portrait, which I thought was really cool. Then we spent the bulk of our time in the main exhibition on Virginia history. It covered everything from pre-European settlement to the present. It was a really extensive exhibition and I could’ve easily spent a couple more hours to really get to read and study everything.

Afterwards, we drove up and down Monument Ave. and looked at the Christmas decorations on the houses. I wanted just about every house I saw. Gretch, we really should run that 10k this spring! We came home and got to cooking. We made lasagna and I helped Kathy get stuff ready for her New Year’s Eve party. Lasagna was crazy delicious, pretty excited to eat on that for the next few days.

Woah, Jimmy Fallon just said something funny. That was weird.

Anyway, I’ve been eating these nonstop for the past hour:

Sike! I just tried to upload the photo for 10 minutes. No dice. iPhone app fail. Well, can you guess what my new favorite candy is?



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4 responses to “New favorite Christmas candy

  1. Steve

    something peppermint?

  2. Stacy

    Hm. I was banking on a delightful durian-coconut to be the answer..

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