Not to brag, but…

I secured my summer internship today! It’s here:

Photo: David Bjorgen

I know, I’d be jealous too. Seriously though, I could not be more excited. I’ve been coming to Smithsonian museums since I was a little girl, but to actually be working in one…wow. I’m so excited!! It’s going to be hard to get through these last few weeks at Sully. It will be quite the change of pace going from a small house museum to a fast-paced Smithsonian museum on the Mall. I’m actually working on a project that I worked on for a class last semester. We created banners using Adobe In Design about GPS. Mine was about who is in charge of GPS and why that is important. The banners were displayed for a few months in the museum. I’ll be working on an exhibit that is a larger version of that, developing the themes and doing a lot of research. Here is the press release for the exhibit:

It’s a really cool topic! I had a lot of fun researching for my banner last semester and it sounds like there will be some neat things to get into with this project. I start in June, so I’ll pretty much be going straight into it from Sully. I also am starting a class in two weeks called “Culture of Consumption in Early America.” Basically, what I’ve realized is I won’t have a break at all between now and when I finish my masters. It’s going to be a crazy eight months!



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7 responses to “Not to brag, but…

  1. Tiffany

    Congratualtions Amanda!! I need to go to the museums in DC again…it’s been more than a year since I was in DC last!

  2. Ed

    Congrats! Can’t wait to come visit 🙂

  3. Congratulations! I look forward to reading about your experience this summer!

  4. Your Daddy

    Wonderful. I know this is a dream-come-true for you!

  5. Judy Page

    Amanda, I am very happy for you!! Believe and your dreams do come true!!

  6. Randy Chandler

    Congratulations! It is such a great location, hope you have a blast. Can you get your friends in for free;)


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