I was talking to my sister last night about my blog (Hi Twila!) and mentioned how hard it was to get into a routine of writing. She said if I do it every day for two weeks, then it should be easy to do. I’m taking her word for it. The hardest part of blogging though is not always having something blog-worthy to say, but I really want to stick with it. I hope she’s right!

I was at my internship today. I only have three weeks left! I’ve been giving more house tours lately and to be honest I’m not a huge fan of them. I’ve never been big on public speaking. I tend to talk very quickly and fumble over my words a lot, so the idea of having to do this for an hour is none to pleasing. I’ve had such different experiences giving tours though. A few weeks ago I gave a tour to a group of teenage girls. They were stranded here from England because of the Icelandic volcano! I didn’t think the tour went well at all. They didn’t seem very interested and I felt really unprepared going into it. When they left I felt really discouraged. Today was completely different. I gave a tour to a middle-aged couple (much better than 20 high school girls). They were originally from Spain and the man works for NASA and is in the area doing research. They were fantastic visitors! They asked tons of questions, were really interested in the house, and were very complementary of my tour. They had a lot of information to give as well, comparing the house to other places to visit and commenting on how much we take for granted compared to what they had back in the 1700s. I really felt on top of my game knowledge-wise as we went around the house and I really enjoyed talking with them. It’s funny how different tours there can be and how they can change your day!


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