The Path of the Panda

Ok, two post in one day…this is unprecedented. I’ve been sitting here for the past few hours working on my final project for the semester and I keep glancing over at this super cute bookmark that Mike bought me awhile ago:

Whenever I see that bug-eyed bear staring at me, I’m reminding of how I haven’t used my bookmark yet. I’m also reminded of how I’ll finally be able to in just a few short days. Once this project is turned in next week, I’ll finally have time for some fun reading, although I’ll still be doing some work for my internship… I thoroughly intend on finishing Manhunt (it’s so good!). It’ll only be the third semester I’ve been reading it, guh. Is grad school over yet?

Anyway, my little panda friend reminds me that the end is near and I might at least have a week or two of sweet, sweet freedom!


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