What a Deliciously Dreary Weekend

Well, the rain settled upon DC this weekend and I decided I wanted to leave the apartment as little as possible. That didn’t really work out too well for me, but it was still a great weekend. On Saturday, Mike and I decided the rainy day would be a great time to finally go see Avatar. Apparently everyone else in Northern Virginia had the same idea. Tickets were sold out for Saturday afternoon, so we trudged around to get some groceries for the evening. We’ve been trying out new recipes that we find. We came across one for Apple Stuffed Chicken Breasts and decided that was this weekend’s winner. It’s basically apples (we used granny smiths), cheddar cheese, italian bread crumbs, and a few spices (allspice, cinnamon, salt, pepper). Mix that together and put it on a chicken breast and wrap the chicken up.

Brown the bottom of the chicken in a pan with butter, then add 1/4 cup of water and a 1/4 cup of wine and cover it and let it simmer 15-20 minutes. Mix the leftover juices with some corn starch and a bit of water to make a gravy for the chicken. We had some trouble, the consistency didn’t want to work. I blame the corn starch. It still worked, even though it tasted a bit wine-ish.

I also angrily sliced some potatoes…

While Mike talked to the chickens to make sure they were doing ok (cute!):

All in all, a successful dinner! We then made our way over to play board games with some friends and I got my competitive fix for the evening! Sunday we went to Clarendon and watched an awesome Caps victory and made our way to another Avatar ticket-buying attempt. FAIL. Sold out again. We went ahead and bought tickets for the later show. 3rd time’s the charm? I guess. I really enjoyed the movie. It’s an interesting story line and it’s visually spectacular, but I wonder if I would have liked it as much if  I didn’t see it in 3D though…or even worse, if I waited for the DVD. I hope my head can handle all of these 3D movies that are coming out lately.

Finally, we ended the weekend with these, and well, I guess that makes for a pretty great weekend, despite the weather.


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